Soil, in the simplest words, is a plant’s home. Soil is also the birthplace and life of the plant. Thus, while choosing the plants, make sure that the soil is of good quality. Soil and fertilizers can make or break the plant.

Soil is a natural element, whereas fertilizer is a man-made element. Soil and fertilizers come together to give the most beautiful look and feel to the plant. A soil has chemical, physical, and biological properties that play a major role in the plant’s growth.

Soil and Fertilizers – Features

Soil is determined by its particle size, elements, vitamins, and minerals, etc. In contrast, fertilizer is an added component that is provided in the soil so that it achieves maximum growth. Soil and fertilizers can play a major role in the development of a plant.

Soil and Fertilizers – Uses

The primary usage of fertilizers is to provide nutrients to the soil in order to propagate the growth of the plant. Together, they enhance the plant and can fasten their growth.

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