Love gardening, but don’t want to get your hands dirty? Are you a nature lover and want to contribute to flora’s growth in your home and outdoors? Our Seed Balls are a one-stop solution for all your problems.

These Seed Balls consist of seed wrapped in soil and compost. No more ploughing or digging holes to sow seeds. They protect the seeds from hungry insects and animals.

You can put the Seed Balls in pots filled with soil under the sun. You do not have to bury the seeds in the ground. Alternatively, you can throw them on fertile land and help our struggling ecosystem thrive again. Nature will take care of the rest.

All you need to do is sit back and relax while nature showers its magic on the Seed Balls.

If you want to enjoy the process of creating Seed Balls, we have got a DIY Seed Balls Kit for you which your children can enjoy as well. The kit consists of seeds, a seed ball matrix enough to make 50 Seed Balls, and an instruction guide.

While our Seed Balls help you plant your favourite flowers and trees, our Grass Seeds can help you create a green lawn. If you love healthy organic food, Maximumplants also provides a collection of Fruit Seeds.

You can also surprise your friends with our gift pack of different Seed Balls varieties, and help them create their garden with colours of nature.

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