It’s a commonly known fact that rose plants are called, both king and queen of flowers. This is because it has both qualities, for example – power, the status of a king, and the beauty and grace of a queen. This is a must-have addition to your garden.

No garden is complete without the addition of at least two different types of rose plants. The powerful fragrance of this flower and unmatched beauty will immediately uplift the look of your garden.


Rose plants originally belong to the Genus Rosa Rose and are widely cultivated in India. Known for their beautiful colors and sweet smell, rose gardens are popular throughout the globe. This outdoor plant grows promptly under adequate climatic conditions.

Rose plants are the most favorable choice of flowers for gifting to a beloved one. Its heavy importance is felt during days like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Furthermore, it is multi-purpose and used in many industries, ranging from beauty to food.

There are abundant benefits of rose plants –

Available in a variety of colors.
Can be used for aesthetic purposes.
An appropriate gift for loved ones.
Used in the beauty industry to make rose water and essential oils.
Used in the food industry to make gulkand.

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