AC conditioning system is an efficient way to quickly cool down or warm up a room, but this temperature changing process is not always easy on indoor plants. Not all plants can survive in AC rooms. Every species of indoor plant is different, and each variety depends on different living conditions.

Factors that affect your indoor plants include the brightness of light, amount of water, temperature, humidity, drainage and potting. Your air conditioning system can easily affect some of these conditions. For example, drastic temperature changes in the room can affect certain varieties of indoor plant. Similarly, as the temperature of a room increases, the relative humidity in the air will fall, which could quickly upset some potted plants.

So, we have created a group of plants that can survive the AC condition. You can select plants to decorate your AC rooms with worrying too much about their caring. These plants can easily tolerate the temperature fluctuation because of AC. These plants will definitely make your indoor space more attractive and also helps in removing harmful toxins.

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