Fresh air is a necessity, yet it is highly underrated. We do so much to ensure good health, but we forget the air we breathe in. Mostly airtight spaces or space-efficient buildings lack proper air circulation.
Improper air circulation can sometimes be fatal. At night it is more dangerous as we usually close all the openings of a house. The solution to this is choosing CO2 absorbing plants.

You may wonder, why are these plants so special? It is because these co2 absorbing plants include xerophytes. Xerophytes include a large variety of desert plants that are efficient in saving moisture for themselves and can dwell under any conditions.
These plants usually perform a process called CAM (Crassulacean acid metabolism) where they close their stomatal openings during the daytime and open it only during the night to absorb co2. This is done to cut moisture loss. Other plants may provide you with oxygen during the daytime but end up producing more co2 at night than oxygen. That is not the case with plants absorbing co2 at night.

This category of plants absorbing co2 at night includes a variety of succulents such as star cactus, snake plant, aloevera, peace lily, Christmas cactus and rubber plant. Orchids are also included in this category.

These plants which absorb co2 at night can be added to any indoor space like bedroom, living room, window sill and shelves without much fuss as they look elegant yet lightweight. They also do not require a lot of care to grow as they can survive without water for a very long time.
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