Whether you are a new plant lover or love nurturing a variety of plants around the house, philodendrons are a great choice of houseplants. Philodendrons are easy to grow, which makes them easier to maintain for people who have little experience with plants.

Philodendrons are tropical rainforest plants. They grow alongside large trees, climbing along the branches and creating a canopy-like effect. As houseplants, philodendrons are generally climbers, including some varieties that stand upright with large leaves. Climbers have smaller leaves. Some species of philodendrons also flower during certain months.

Philodendrons purify the air and thus, it is advisable if you plan to decorate your interiors with some natural greenery. Most of these plants require plenty of sunlight to grow well and remain healthy. So, it is best to put them in small manageable pots that can be shifted from time to time to receive ample sunlight.

An average of 1-3 hours of sunlight daily allows philodendrons to grow and survive well. Keeping them on windows or balconies is a good option. It is also advisable to pot philodendron in a way that the soil has good drainage.

Philodendrons can be propagated from plant cuttings and placed in water till it grows roots and then repotting them into the soil. The cuttings for propagation should ideally include a node and some leaves with a slant cut.

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