If you want to steal a garden idea from feng-shui masters, lucky bamboo may be the answer. Lucky Bamboo is a great indoor fascinating houseplant that grows in water. Lucky bamboo is a plant that is very easy to grow. Not only does it do well in soil, but it does well in plain water, as well. It’s great for beginning gardeners.

Bamboo is closely associated with the ancient practice of feng-shui, which means bringing all the natural elements into balance. Lucky Bamboo plant is supposed to bring good health, peace, happiness, prosperity, longevity and good luck into the home that has this plant.

Bamboo is an ideal representation of water and wood elements. The red string or wire that is wrapped around the plants is thought to enhance the flow of energy in your room. Different numbers of lucky bamboo sticks synmbolize different meanings. So, if you are gifting lucky bamboo plant choose your lucky bamboo stalk number wisely.

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