As we all know, plants need air, water, nutrients, and specific environmental conditions for growth and development. The only thing is that the required amount or range may fluctuate from one plant to another. Thus, apart from basic prerequisites, some plant cultivars do need special care and attention for optimal growth.

Low maintenance plants have their place in the gardens of dedicated, advanced gardeners, beginning gardeners and homeowners who just want to spruce up the yard alike. Low-maintenance plants allow advanced gardeners more time to devote to more challenging plants in other areas of the garden. They help beginning gardeners get a grasp of the basics of gardening.

Low maintenance plants are hardy and tolerant to hot summer and cold winter, grow well in all type soil, easily propagate, not require much pruning, and long bloom period. Maintenance needs in the landscape are closely tied to the design. Aesthetic reasons for including certain features in the landscape may be in conflict with low-maintenance goals.