These are also known as verbena like plants. The plants are very trendy because of their colourful flowers and long blooming time. Most of the Lantana plants are annual or perennial, but there can be some minor differences owing to the region and climate. You can even grow these plants either in containers or in your garden.

About Lantana Plants

Lantana plants bloom in the spring season. They prefer a higher temperature, and they can grow up to 6 feet or more and can grow in the winter season.

Features of Lantana Plants

Lantana Plants are available in various shades, like yellow, orange, white, etc. These plants require too much water. These plants help beautify your garden because they grow like scrubs and also grow like vines.

Lantana plants release fragrant when they rub or are cut open; the smell is very citrusy. Due to this, your garden will smell like spring.

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