People have become more and more conscious about the environment, and thus there is a sharp rise in green space. Since confined spaces are on the increase especially in urban cities, therefore a new trend that goes by the name of Indoor plants.

What are Indoor Plants?

Indoor Plants are the low light plants that can thrive when kept at indoor locations. These are perfect for places that don’t get adequate sunlight. Some of the best examples of indoor plants are – Golden Pothos, JJ Plant, Chinese Evergreen, Snake Plants, Aloe Vera, Succulents etc.

How to take care of Indoor Plants?

By now, you must know that Indoor plants do not require much sunlight. So, you can keep them in indirect light places easily. Watering is another important tip for indoor plants and thus make sure that these plants are only watered when the topsoil is dry.

You can touch and find out if the topsoil is dry or not. Another important tip for the maintenance of Indoor Plants is to make sure you show them some light. And thus on weekends offer them a glimpse of the sun. Either take them to your terrace or balcony. Sunlight is also important for them, but it should be quite optimum.

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