Hibiscus, roots back to the ‘rose mallow’ family, with more than 200 species grown globally. Hibiscus plants grow well on wet soil, especially during the summer season—these beautiful flowers, cultivated mainly for ornamental purposes. And also cater to the human diet, as food colours, herbal tea and curing several ailments.

These brightly-coloured hibiscus plants act as an essential food source for the larvae. To get the know-how in details on these funnel-shaped flowers, keep reading to know more about it.

Hibiscus Plant Varieties
China rose
Rock Hibiscus
Flower of an Hour
Roselle and many more
Benefits of Hibiscus Plants
Hibiscus plants adapt well to growing in decorative garden-containers.
These plants grow in an evergreen bush form or small-size tree, up to 15’ in height.
Its lanceolate green-coloured leaves come with tooth-shaped edges.
All branches have an alternate arrangement of these leaves.
Hibiscus flowers are big and trumpet-shaped ones devoid of any sweet odor.
Well-known as ‘shoe flower’ in China, as people use the same to polish their shoes!
Hibiscus flowers are a rich source of natural-dyes, commonly used in the food industry.
Also used as ‘hibiscus tea’, made out of dried flower petals.
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