Rich in vitamins and minerals, fruits are said to be the must-have inclusion in your diet. However, while the best quality fruits are often expensive, there is also a risk of being grown in an artificial environment injected with chemical pesticides and fertilizers. How great would it be if you could grow your favorite fruits in your gardens yourself? You can do it now. Planting fruit plants grafted is an easy way to grow and nurture fruits in your backyard and relish them for free.

You need not worry about visiting markets to choose good quality and nutrient-rich fruits with fruit plants grafted. Growing fruit plants in your homes will give you a continuous supply of fruits all year-round effortlessly.

Grafting is the best way to grow fruit plants. It is because, usually, fruit seeds do not naturally grow into trees on their own, so the grafting method is adopted to grow fruit trees. In the process of grafting, a vegetative bud of a full-grown fruit tree is joined to a rootstock. Grafting is also done to grow hybrid varieties of fruits. Fruit plants grafted have a healthy growth due to grafting advantages like resistance to pest and soil diseases, increased quality and number of fruits, increased drought tolerance, decreased duration of first flowering and fruiting and increased harvest, etc.

You can find a variety of different fruit plants grafted from We have almost all the fruit plants grafted and grown in the Indian subcontinent. You can buy fruit plants for Mosambi ( sweet lime), chikoo, lemon, mango, sitaphal, jackfruit, orange fruit, strawberry plant, guava tree ( grafted), apple tree ( grafted), Ramphal, to name a few from Maximumplants.

We provide high quality grafted fruit plants that have healthy growth and good yield. These are easy to grow and nurture and can be kept in the balcony and gardens.

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