Flowering creepers is a group of plants or vines which need support of some kind in your garden to grow. The general use for a creeping plant is as a ground cover. Flowering creeper not only serves practical purposes like erosion control, weed suppression but also add great beauty to the landscape. Flowering creepers also attract nature’s pollinators like bees and butterflies.

The beautiful foliage and flowers of flowering creepers provides visual interest as it forms living screens, softens hardscapes, reduces erosion, deters weed growth or transforms seemingly impossible areas. These flowering creepers can be also grown in pots and hanging baskets.

When compared to trees or shrubs, flowering creeper take up little ground space. In fact, many are perfectly at home growing in containers with the use of basic structural elements like trellises, poles or foundational elements of a home. We provide various flowering creepers like Portulaca, Bougainvillea, Rangoon creeper, Garlic creeper, Allamanda, Ipomea and more.

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