The tropical and attractive Dieffenbachia plants are perennial plants with thick, succulent stems. They have wide leaves with green edges and white flecks in the middle, spreading outwards. They are a common house plant and are quite easy to care for. These plants are ideal foliage plants for the indoors or home office and can spruce up the interiors of any space instantly.

The Dieffenbachia plants can grow in low-light areas and even sustain themselves in case of neglect. An interesting fact is that this plant is also called ‘Dumb Cane’ because the plant contains a substance called Raphides that acts as a defence mechanism against animals and when ingested, can temporarily numb vocal cords along with burning the throat. This is why care should be taken when cutting or propagating the plants.

Some wonderful benefits of Dieffenbachia plants are:
It’s an air purifying plant that improves air quality and reduces harmful dust and pollution particles.
According to a Malaysian study, the Dieffenbachia plant ranks amongst the best plants that can absorb CO2 from the air.
While these plants grow best under bright, indirect sunlight, they are also resilient in shady areas, making them the best low-light houseplants.
Due to the huge leaves, this plant provides a tropical aesthetic that has been used to amplify spaces since the Victorian era.

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