Commonly known as the rushfoil crotons, chances are you have come across croton plants before. They have brightly coloured leaves that are hard to miss and are often found in homes, offices or hotel lobbies, giving the interiors of a space a splash of greenery and landscape. At Maximum Plants, we house a variety of croton plants for you to bring home instantly.

Croton Plants are native to India and Malaysia and have many different varieties. The leaves of the plant grow in an assortment of shapes and sizes, and colours include hues of red, orange, purple, pink, yellow, green and even white.

One of the specialties of croton plants is that they are required to be housed indoors, in a location that receives a significant amount of sunlight. If you keep a humidifier at home, it may also help in the upkeep of your croton plant.

This plant is extremely easy to maintain, making it a favourite with people who love to have a splash of fancy greenery in their surroundings, without having to tend to the plant much. Croton plants are also visibly noticeable on pathways, entrances to cafes and public places and even as small desk plants.

At Maximum Plants, we have a wide selection of stunning croton plant types such as the codiaeum variegatum which has gold dust leaves, thin leaves, Chinese croton etc., which come in various sizes, based on your requirements. There are some options that even offer a combination of croton plants in twos. Since these plants favour a humid and warm environment, they make a great addition to liven up a home. The best part? They are perennial and purchasing them will not disappoint.

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