We all need a burst of color and happiness that spreads throughout our lives. Maximumplants has the right solution for you – its extensive collection of bougainvillea plants. These plants add a dash of style to your living space due to their vibrant flowers. It is also considered as one of the most visually appealing souvenirs to give someone to remember you.

The bougainvillea plant belongs to the family of ornamental vines, bushes, and trees that can grow anywhere between 1 to 12 meters tall. The flowers are generally small but grow in great density to give a feel of one large, brightly colored plants. It comes in different colors such as pink, magenta, red, purple, and orange.

Bougainvillea plants are generally considered beginner-friendly plants and require minimal maintenance. You will have to irrigate your bougainvillea plants only when they start to wilt or when the soil is dry. Treat these plants before the flowering season with fertilizers rich in micronutrients, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron.

Though it is common to use bougainvillea plants for decoration, it also has medicinal value. These plants possess inflammatory properties and help alleviate sore throats. It also is used in treating diabetes and hepatitis. Brewing the plant and consuming it helps in treating cough by getting rid of mucus from the respiratory tract.

Maximumplants also offers imported bougainvillea plants in different shapes and colors that are endemic to a country, along with planters and containers to beautify your space with these plants. If you live in a hot area, creating a bougainvillea flower bed is extremely rewarding as it regulates the temperature and brings coolness to the area. Planting bougainvillea plants on your porch or garden can even act as a welcoming element to your guests.

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