Imagine walking in your favourite garden or a path just lined and littered with trees, a breeze here and a breeze there, the scenic beauty of it all instantly calming you down.

That’s the beauty of avenue Trees. While they are not suitable for closed spaces, they amp up the scenic quotient of any place which gives them enough area to grow out.

Nowadays Avenue Trees are planted right outside mansions or houses as if welcoming the guests in. They provide a dense canopy for all to take shade in. It’s almost like nature’s own welcome!

Avenue trees are every landscaper’s dream come true as they help spread green energy in any area; their resilience and their air-purifying properties are always a plus. These trees have been around for a long time, and they can be found in forests, but they have also been found around ancient tombs and burial gardens.

The best part is that they are great for the environment, purifying almost 48 lbs of carbon per year and a ton in 50 years. Avenue trees are required to counterbalance pollution and human expansion in the most beautiful way.

Upkeep and Care

All you have to do is water Avenue trees from time to time, whenever the topsoil feels dry and keep them in a spot where they can get full sunlight for 6 hours or more during the day.

On Maximumplants you can find a wide variety of avenue trees with a proper guide telling you about the places they are most suitable for as well as their overall upkeep. You can find a detailed review of sunlight, soil, water, temperature and fertiliser along with all its uses!

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