We spend a great deal of time indoors, and with an increase in a work-from-home lifestyle, it means constantly breathing in the poor quality air due to air-conditioning and electrical devices that trap harmful substances within the home. Poor air quality is the main reason for respiratory diseases, nausea, itchy eyes, and other such ailments. This is when air purifying plants come to the rescue.

Along with increasing oxygen levels, air-purifying plants also decrease humidity levels and detoxify the air by reducing harmful particles like smoke, dust, germs, etc. Among the different indoor plants, some of the best air purifying plants include lower maintenance snake plant, money plants, and different versions of Aglaonema and Philodendron plants.

Following are some benefits and uses of green, air-purifying plants:
Constantly viewing greenery and green plants are said to improve concentration and productivity by 10 to 15%.
Improved air quality because of plants also has a calming effect that reduces stress, anxiety, and improves memory.
These plants act as a barrier against dust, pollution, and even sound from traffic when placed near a window.
As plants absorb carbon dioxide, it cools down space as well.
Green plants add freshness and a clean look to your interiors, making you feel more positive.
Air purifying plants help you get a good night’s sleep as cleaner air improves the quality of sleep significantly.
Air purifying plants aid in the recovery of mental fatigue, depression, and dementia.
If you’re looking for a few plants to filter out harmful VOC particles in your home, then MaximumPlant’s selection of air purifying plants is a great place to start. Along with providing you with healthy green plants, we also provide accurate information on caring for them. So, pick up a fresh plant today and breathe a little better!