Aglaonema also termed as “Chinese Evergreen,” is a species of flowering plants that belongs to the family Araceae. Perennial herbaceous plants chiefly found in the tropical and subtropical areas of Asia, New Guinea, and the Philippines, the stems of Aglaonema Plants grow erect, flat, or crawl along the ground. There is commonly a crown of wide leaf edges, which are frequently mixed with silver and green tinge in wild species.

Uses of Aglaonema Plants

Aglaonema plants tend to be low-developing plants that slowly uncover their trunks. NASA has listed this gorgeous leafy plant among the top ten plants that cleanse pollutants present in the air. Commonly called Aglaonema anyamanee and Aglaonema dud anyamanee, it is a low maintenance plant.

The leaves of Aglaonema plants purify the air by absorbing harmful substances such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and benzene. Moreover, the leaves transmit oxygen, which expands efficiency and improves well-being and prosperity both in living and working spaces. They are also believed to bring luck in the areas they are planted.

Maintenance of Aglaonema Plants

A great indoor plant for low light regions with stunning designer leaves, Aglaonema Plants are known as an ornamental plant because of its spear-shaped leaves. It is a user- friendly plant that requires just a reasonable measure of water and low lighting conditions.

Easy to grow, Aglaonema plants can be kept in AC offices and rooms to receive bright artificial to indirect natural light.

Maximumplants brings you a variety of Aglaonema plants ranging from dull green to silver and some with red traces. You get a round black plastic grower pot about 13 cm (5 inches) in size. Check out the instruction guide to know more about growing this plant with sunlight, soil, water, fertilizer, and repotting.

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