If you like a dramatically gorgeous flowering plant that requires very little care, you can surely go with the flowering Adenium plant which is commonly called the Desert Rose plant. It is used as a beautiful and stunning decor plant in many gardens and homes. Adenium plants can be bonsai as well as a long tree. It is potentially semi-evergreen.

Adenium is a very beautiful plant and can be found in different colors like pink, white, gold, and purple. Adenium makes excellent warm weather to your landscape. It has many common names also like Mock Azalea, Impala lily, Dwarf bottle tree, etc.

The medicinal benefits of this plant are: treating wounds, treating the soles of the feet, taking care of skin beauty, relieving pain, treating toothache, treating ulcers.

Adenium is not a rose at all but it is a changeable succulent plant.

We are providing varieties of this for purchase. Its blooming period is quite lengthy. Adeniums can be grouped in herbaceous and shrub with succulent stems and roots. To grow well, it prefers maximum temperatures that often exceed 30°c; the branch tips are damaged at temperatures below 5°c, and the plant cannot be grown in the open when temperatures are regularly close to 0°c.

Although it originates from dry areas, it tolerates high air humidity well, which explains its popularity in countries such as Thailand and the Philippines.

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