Your home garden will look much better with various types of planters available. Whether you want to hang plants on the wall or have them placed in pots and boxes, you will find the perfect planter to suit your liking.

From traditional planter styles to modern, contemporary designs, you are sure to find one that will complement your home’s style perfectly.

About Planters:

Many types of planters also come with attractive features such as an open drainage system, perforated holes, and special coatings to prevent warping and rotting. And, they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials such as,

cast iron
natural stone
Moreover, a hanging ceiling planter, floor planter, window planter, hanging planter, and pot window planter also enhances the look of your indoor space.

Features of Planters:

Decorative planters are also available for use on mantles and walls so you can truly brighten up your porch and garden. From tiny individual planters, suitable for plants that need the floor space, all the way up to large commercial-sized planters housing entire garden crops, there is a lot of variety to choose from.
Some of the commonly used planter types are –

Pot: Ideal for contemporary homes, these straight-edged, square-shaped planters come in any colour. They also come in any material.
Box: Ideal for modern homes, this sleek, square-shaped planter is perfect for those who want a monochromatic effect in their garden.
Round and Square ones These planters stand perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, especially on the deck or patio area.
Rectangular ones: Some of these planters, also known as ‘baker pots’ come in a rectangular shape.
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