World Environment Day is organized around a theme that focuses attention on a particularly pressing environmental concern. On 5th June everyone celebrates the world environment day special to take an oath to clean our environment and protect our mother earth and nature.

In this environment day, special plants play a really important role to clean our environment. Some plants which play a major role in the environment are like air purifiers, bonsai, planting trees on kitchen gardens, ornamental plants, etc.

Plants can convert carbon-dioxide and gives out oxygen thus making the environment healthy to breathe and make the environment day special. Plants not only increase the aesthetic view of the places but also keeps our mind fresh and refreshing. Today in this increasing use of technology the humans are affecting the environment to a great extent and are the only eco-friendly creatures which are keeping this nature alive.

Today in the era of industrialization and globalization the urban space is getting limited and developing small gardens around us in different ways is the best solution to save mother earth and make her green again.

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