If you love to live a minimalist’s life, then the Maximumplant’s exquisite terrariums are the perfect decorative items for your house. These miniature gardens replicate the extraordinariness of life-size gardens and ecosystems fitted inside a sealable glass container.

City-dwellers living in urban jungles who are closer to Mother Nature are self-motivated to curate a natural environment inside the four walls of their house.

Added to this, these small glass gardens proffers an excellent opportunity for interior designers to architecture graceful environments. It is all about your creativity to refurbish the already built terrariums and give them a custom finishing touch.

The best part about these small-size gardens is that they are self-sustaining. The plants inside the glass container will water themselves via the methods of transpiration and condensation. Science! Right?

The autonomous character of the Terrariums helps you keep the maintenance cost at the lower end. These small decorative plus environment-friendly ecosystems boast a low-maintenance character.
They require minimal water and the plant categories are divided among sun-loving and shade-loving flora.

With Maximumplants, you will obtain terrariums with your favorite flowers carefully placed inside the glass jars, wine glasses, bowls, square wooden cabinets, and hanging objects. We have different sorts of plants ranging from succulents to cactus and Fittonia.

Every terrarium is accompanied with specific instructions for safekeeping, placement, and plant care. All you have to do is put them in the right place and let Mother Nature bless your house with freshness, better health, and good luck.
Nursery live has a remarkable collection of pre-made terrariums boasting properties like low-maintenance and durability.

Here are a few tips to keep Terrariums in your house:

Do not overwater them. Use a spray water bottle to add moisture to the plants and avoid using a watering can
Terrarium plants do not require too much fertiliser
Yes, Terrariums can thrive well in any environment, but always check the plant’s living conditions before you buy them
Sun-loving plants go well with open terrariums, while the moisture-loving plants grow well in closed containers

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