Whether its success at the new job or a budding relationship, we are all looking for some luck. What better way to get lucky than by having lucky plants around you? Maximumplants has some exciting lucky plants packs just for you.

About Lucky Plants Packs

Lucky plants, also known as Feng Shui plants, instantly revive your spirit and help you concentrate on your tasks with a renewed zeal. Our Lucky Plants Packs are highly recommended for every household and workspace.

Features of Lucky Plants Packs

According to Feng Shui, the five elements of nature are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Some lucky plants balance a few of these elements and some, such as the lucky bamboo, balance all. This results in the air getting cleared of all the negative energy and becoming a magnet for all types of good luck.

So, which plants are considered the harbingers of good fortune or luck? Bamboo is the most popular one. Others are Money Plant, Peace Lily, and Elephant Bush or Jade Plant. Our lucky plants packs include a combination of all such beautiful luck bringing greens.

Why Choose Maximumplants ?

To enhance the overall look of the lucky plants, we have potted them in stylish plastic and ceramic planters. We have planters in both bright and subtle colours; the choice is all yours. We have also included decoratives such as pebbles in some of our lucky plants packs.

Our lucky plants packs are great for gifting, both to self and loved ones. We also have fertilizers, gardening tools, and accessories to help your plants stay healthy and look more beautiful. You can shop for other green and flowering plants from our 6000+ collection.

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