Are you new to the world of gardening? Looking to create your little paradise, but don’t know where to begin? Find everything you need, easily put together in our Garden Kits. Our curated Garden Kits make growing fresh vegetables, herbs or flowers extremely easy.

Perfect for an urban gardener, our Garden Kits get you started with your very own home gardening journey. Putting together all you need, we provide seeds, pots and soil so that everything is available in one place. From vegetables with herbs, microgreens to flowers, hand-pick what you want to grow from our range.

Some of the exciting types of Garden Kits include:

1. ‘Microgreen seeds Kitchen Garden Pack’ or ‘Healthy Vegetable Grown at Home Kitchen Garden Pack’ if you are looking to grow fresh ingredients for your culinary adventures.

2. ‘Fresh Vegetable Seeds for Salad Recipe’ and the ‘Seeds to Grow Vegetables Used in Chinese Recipes’ if you are an oriental lover.

3. Choose ‘Graceful Gladiolus garden pack’ and ‘Happy Hyacinth Garden Pack’ for a flourishing floral landscape.

4. Choose ‘Gardening Made Easy Kits’ and ‘Vacation Special Kits’ for kids so that they can explore their green thumb with you.

Navigate through all the different collections of Garden Kits and place an order online on Maximumplants. You are just a few clicks away from decorating your home garden.

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