Festivals are a great way of sharing happiness and positivity with all. Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival that not only brings people of different communities together, but also spreads love through the age-old tradition of gifting. For the auspicious occasion, Maximumplants brings you some beautiful Eco-Friendly Ganesh Plants Packs.

As the name suggests, our Eco-Friendly Ganesh Plants Packs are meant to help you contribute to the environment. These plant packs feature green plants with clay Ganesh murtis to help you celebrate the festival without causing any harm to our mother earth. The plants will clean the air, and the idols will stop the pollution of the rivers.

So, what goes inside our Eco-Friendly Ganesh Plants Packs? They contain air purifying indoor plants in beautiful pots. You can get five plant packs or pick from plants with a small clay Ganesh murti. We also have seed Ganesh murtis that are plantable. Instead of immersing the Ganesh idol in a pond, you can plant it in a pot and water it. The murti will grow to be a beautiful green plant!

Some plants in our Eco-Friendly Ganesh Plants Packs are for decoration purposes, and others are useful in the Ganesh puja. The decorative plants include Snake Plant, Fern Plant, Areca Palm, ZZ Plant, and more. The auspicious plants are Krishna Tulsi, Shami, Betel, Banana, Hibiscus, etc.

Maximumplants ensures you enjoy a smooth delivery experience. We take extra precautions when packing our plants. If you are gifting our Eco-Friendly Ganesh Plants Packs to a loved one, make it more interesting by including accessories such as pebbles and adorable miniature garden toys such as park benches, birds nest, wooden fence, plastic butterflies, and lots more. Shop with us today for the perfect eco friendly gift!

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