Anti Pollution Day (2nd December) is observed every year by people all across the world to reflect on the degrading climatic conditions and take steps to battle them. What better way to observe this day than planting a tree or two and doing your part to save the environment?

There are plenty of plants ranging from Aloe Vera to Peace Lily that you can plant on Anti Pollution Day (2nd December) or any other day to combat air pollution in your surroundings.


Occasions like Anti Pollution Day (2nd December) remind us of the importance of air-purifying plants like Spider plant and Aloe Vera. Pollution is at its peak, especially in metropolitan areas. One has to take personal measures to ensure the quality of air improves and is fit for breathing.

By planting these indoor and outdoor plants on Anti-Pollution Day (2nd December), you can protect yourself and your family from harmful air toxins.

There are abundant benefits of Anti-Pollution Day (2nd December) plants –

Improves focus and radiates positive energy.
Removes harmful toxins from the air.
Affordable and natural air purifier.
Makes your home and garden look aesthetically pleasing.

Why Maximumplants is the Best Option for You?

Maximumplants observes Anti Pollution Day (2nd December) every year and expresses its grave concern about the increasing air pollution in cities. To honour this day, they have created a special category called Anti Pollution Day (2nd December), which consists of a collection of all the air-purifying plants. Some of the plants under this category are Money Plant, Boston Fern, Aloe Vera, etc. These plants create a healthy atmosphere and also beautifies the place.

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