Did you know that Zephyranthes Lily Flowers close up at night and open up in the morning? This behaviour is called nyctinasty. This is when they have their beauty sleep.

An interesting feature about these flowers is that they are petite, and don’t necessarily require a large surrounding to grow. Neutralizers by nature, tend to complement otherwise flashy plants. So if subtlety is your thing, Zephyranthes Lily Flower Bulbs are a perfect choice for you.

The Zephyranthes Lily Flower Bulbs produce colourful, bright flowers from late in the summer into early fall.

What’s more? They’re low maintenance and ask for very little in return. For all those who’d like to be surrounded by beauty with minimal effort, these lily flowers are for you.

Zephyranthes lily produces six upright petals and three identical sepals. They range from narrow to broad. To make sure they look their best, plant them in large drifts using our zephyranthes flower bulbs.

When placed among sun-loving flowers, these shine out. Our collection of zephyranthes lily flower bulbs includes shades like yellow, red, white, pink, amongst others.

Pair them with your choice of pebbles or gardening accessories from our catalogue for that extra bling.

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