If you are someone who loves to have flowers at your place at all times, then there is nothing better than the beautiful, long-lasting buttercup cut flowers. Ranunculus Bulbs bloom to have delicately tousled petals.

These brilliant bloomers stand on straight stems and produce many flowers per bulb.
Ranunculus Flower Bulbs are available in various colours and sizes. The typical height of the plant is up to 24 inches.

Maximumplants offers Ranunculus Flower Bulbs as a pack of five in stunning colours like feathery white, mauve-pink, sunny yellow, electric red, peachy orange, and plum purple. You can alternatively pick a pack of five assorted colour bulbs.

Ranunculus bulbs can be grown in a garden bed, pots or containers. It is a cool-season perennial, and it blooms in the spring. You can easily use these for bouquets and decorative pieces.

Ranunculus Flower Bulbs are easy to grow. For the best results, one should preferably sow them during the rainy and early winter season. Depending on the variety, they usually take anywhere between 60 and 90 days to grow and bloom after being planted.

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