If you like greenery, then you’re bound to love monsoons. With the shower comes greenery and the mesmerizing petrichor that makes you spend more time on your balcony with a cup of tea. How about adding vivacious colours by planting your favourite flowers on your terrace with Rainy Sowing Flower Bulbs?

But gardening during rainy seasons can be a cumbersome task. Further, the plants can get washed away or rot up if not given enough care. Don’t worry! Maximumplants comes to your rescue by offering a range of Rainy Sowing Flower Bulbs, which are pre-treated to prevent them from being eaten up by insects or rodents.

The Rainy Sowing Flower Bulbs are usually sown in the monsoon or early winters, and they bloom during the summers or autumn. A majority of them are perennial, which means they last for two years once sown.

The flowers grown through these bulbs are generally used for ornamental purposes and are best suited for flower pots or garden beds, depending on their height.

Maximumplants offers a pack of assorted hues of Rajnigandha, Daffodil, Hyacinth, Gladiolus, Iris, and many more. The optimal temperature for these bulbs is between 25° – 34° Celsius.

Choose from our extensive range and plant your favourite blossoms in monsoons with our Rainy Sowing Flower Bulbs.

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