Are you tired of the regular roses and tulips? We feel you. Variety adds zing to life. So why stick to standard flower bulbs? Maximumplants has an exotic collection of other flower bulbs for you.

Our flower bulbs produce alluring flowers that’d surely get you a lot of compliments. Besides, they’d also bring a lot of positive vibes, and help in calming your surroundings.

These flower bulbs have wide-ranging adaptability. We offer both perennial and seasonal flower bulbs of impeccable quality for your gardens. Using these bulbs is bound to embellish your garden or home.

Some of our other flower bulbs include Sparaxis, Hedychium, Alium, Black Turmeric, and Oxalis, among others. They’re available in multiple colours, sizes and shapes.

Most of our flower bulbs are easy to grow and demand low maintenance. You can also use them for ornamental purposes as they come with rich and royal fragrances.

You could also use our flower bulbs gardening kits to plant them. Our grow bags would make sure that they reach their true potential.

If you want to cut the monotony out of the picture, try our collection of other flower bulbs to bring a new spark to your home and garden!

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