The Oriental lily is a “Universal Symbol of Beauty” representing purity and innocence. Oriental Lilies Flower Bulbs boast showy blooms with vivid colours that make them a perfect addition to your collection.

The Oriental Lilies Flower Bulbs grow into beautiful perennial flowers with ample sunlight and regular watering. Oriental lilies’ swoony fragrance and spectacular hues make them the perfect choice for your flower garden.

Their hardy nature helps the Oriental Lilies Flower Bulbs bloom in adversity so that you can grow them while being a gardening novice. Oriental Lilies are anywhere between 3-6 feet, making them a good option for your garden’s backend.

It is best to pair the Oriental Lilies Flower Bulbs with Asiatic Lilies for an all year bloom.

Maximumplant’s Oriental Lilies Flower Bulbs are an ideal addition to your garden or balcony. You can also use their cut blooms around your house as beautiful centerpieces on tables as well.

Maximumplants offers fresh whites, blush pinks, and summer yellows and pink-white hybrid Oriental Lily Flower Bulbs for you to choose from and jump the wagon to creating your fantasy garden!

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