Native to South Africa, this star-shaped flower symbolizes ‘happiness’ in flower language. Our Ixia Flower Bulbs produce scintillating blossoms with beautiful spots and patches in the middle.

Ixia flowers grow well in the warm and sunny areas of the garden. So if you’re from the land of the hot and dry climate, go with Ixia bulbs.

With sword-like leaves and long wiry stems, they require well-drained soil to grow suitably. Ixia flowers tend to blossom from late spring through summer. So the ideal time to plant Ixia flower bulbs is winters or early fall.

To make sure that Ixia flower bulbs grow to their ultimate potential, plant them 3-4 inches deep in the soil and try to maintain their moisture level.

At Maximumplants, we believe in bringing our customers a step closer to nature. Under the Ixia Bulbs category, we have red Ixia Venus, yellow Ixia Emperor, Ixia panorama pink, Ixia Spotlight white and many more.

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