Gladiolus is popularly known as the Sword Lilly due to its shape. It is a classic perennial flowering plant that has tall flower spikes. In the language of flowers, gladiolus signifies remembrance.

Gladiolus Flower Bulbs are available in a multitude of colours and sizes. The normal height of the plant is between 2 and 5 feet.

All of these flowers are blessed with beautiful colours like creamy whites and yellows, aquatic blues, pearly pinks, true reds, and include hybrid colours as well.

Gladiolus Flower Bulbs are very easy to grow. For the best results, the preferred sowing time is spring or late summer. Depending on the variety, they usually take anywhere between 60 and 90 days to grow and bloom after being planted.

These are incredible for bouquet bundles and decorative pieces. You can also trim a few of them, tie them together and make an easy DIY gift for your loved ones.

The Gladiolus Flower Bulbs are available in a broad range of categories like Victor Borge, Pearl Priscilla, King Lynn, Ecklonii, Red Majesty and more. This is the season for sowing. So, get your Gladiolus Flower Bulbs today!

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