There is nothing more relaxing than closing your eyes and breathing in the smell of fresh flowers in full bloom! The Fragrant Flower Bulbs in this collection are specially chosen for their delicate scents.

It is important to create a garden that takes you on an immersive experience with its fragrance and colours. These fragrant flower bulbs work like magic when stressed. They have a calming effect on the senses that helps with relaxation.

From fragrant, bell-shaped Hyacinth to the beautiful double flowering Daffodils, sweet-scented Tulips, and stunning Muscari, these fragrant flower bulbs are definite mood boosters. Most of these flowers are used in perfumes, soothing mists, pillow sprays, etc.

Maximumplant’s collection of fragrant flower bulbs is a careful selection of blossoms with a rich aroma & vivid colours. Be it in gardens, backyards, balconies, windowsills or lawns; you can easily plant these fragrant flower bulbs anywhere for a stunning scented vista

Due to their eye-catching appearance and vibrant colours, they also form a great part of gifting during special occasions.

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