We have all enjoyed saffron in sweet dishes,but do you know where it comes from? A variety of Crocus flowers produce three red stigmas, which are dried and then used for coloring and seasoning in flavorful dishes.

The Crocus Flower leads the spring bloom parade and is one of the most versatile flowers; these vivid cup-shaped flowers have found their homes worldwide. Grown from the Crocus Flower Bulbs, these flowers are low-growing perennials that bloom in shades of mauve, lavender, yellow and white to brighten up your home.

Crocus Flower bulbs bloom into beautiful garden gems. They look best when grown in clumps. Plant different colours together so they stand out against the green foliage to enhance the beauty of your garden, walkway or balcony. Generally, low maintenance plants, crocus grow well in full sunlight.

Rich with golden pollen, the Crocus Flower bulbs will draw in bees and butterflies to your garden. These small bulbs grow into short flowers, 2 to 4 inches tall, making them perfect as border flowers or for your windowsill.

MaximumPlant’s selection of Crocus Flower Bulbs range from purple, yellow and more.

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