If you are searching for year-long colourful plants to adorn your flower pot and to beautify your home aesthetics, you have arrived at the right place. Pick from the diverse colours of Chincherinchee flower bulbs to brighten up your garden. Chincherinchee flowers are also known as Stars of Bethlehem, inspired by the shape of their distinctive bloom.

Chincherinchee is a perennial spring herb, usually sown in the months of spring or summer. They are ideal for flower pots or garden beds as they multiply quickly. These flowers symbolise honesty, purity, and hope, making them a perfect gift for religious occasions. The plant extracts are also used for medicinal purposes.

Chincherinchee flowers are round bulbs that bloom individually in circles carried at the top of leafless stems in the late summer. The flowers are usually bell and star-shaped, are showy and sometimes fragranced. They are known for their long-lasting lives after cutting, as they last for three weeks at least.

Maximumplants offers Chincherinchee Bulbs as a pack of 5 assorted colours, and single shades like white, orange, and yellow. We offer Ornithogalum and Praxis genus of this flower.

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