Caladium Flowers are commonly known as elephant ears because of the shape of the leaves. It is a perennial plant that also acts as an air purifier while adding an aesthetically pleasing factor to your home decor.

You can grow these inexpensive air purifiers in your indoors and outdoors using our Caladium Flower Bulbs.

Caladium Flowers are perfect to pair with white flowers like Gladiolus, Hyacinth and Lilies due to their contrasting colours. The huge heart-shaped leaves will enhance any place they grow in.

Maximumplants offers Caladium Flower Bulbs as a set of five and ten in stunning colours like fairytale pink, a wine red with green outlines, and a combination of red-pink. You can choose a set of any assortment of your liking.

They are easy to grow in containers or even garden beds. For the best results, plant them in well-drained fertile soil.

As they are sensitive to cold, you should avoid planting them during the winter season. Alternatively, you can plant them indoor, preferably a warm room until the outer environment warms up enough for the plant. They usually grow up to 24”- 36” tall and are happy when kept in partial shade.

Grab your favourite caladium bulb pack now, and bling up your indoors!

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