Are you looking to curate your in-house nursery? A house adorned with flowers not only looks great, but it also enhances the living environment filling it with beautiful aroma and fragrances.

Your dream house of indoor plants can start with bulbs, stems, and tubers. There is nothing better than creating your in-house garden and caring for the flowers like babies. Maximumplants brings a wide range of bulbs of a wide range of flowers for your indoor garden.

The reason why we love flower bulbs is that they can thrive in any environment irrespective of the weather and the soil condition. A great benefit over other indoor plants is that they store energy, reserve it, and use the same to develop the roots plus leaves and flowers.

This means that they last longer, have a better life, and will undoubtedly beautify your house’s surroundings with their vibrant colours and ecstatic appeal.
Find your favourite assortment of flower bulbs on Maximumplants and start decorating your house with nature’s lovely wonders.

You can buy flower bulbs according to their sowing time, in packs, and as per your choice. We have tulips, hyacinth, daffodil, iris, crocus, and many more to come.

How to Ensure Proper Flower Bulb Growth inside the House?

Use a clean pot and fill it with potting soil up to 1/3rd volume.
Insert the hairy end inside the soil and the tip or nose pointing towards the top. Take care not to push the bulbs from the top inside.
Place the bulbs closer to each other.

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